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How to Post a Blank Tweet – Twitter

Ever thought of posting a blank tweet? Isn’t it strange? Its as easy as you create those hidden folders 😉 You don’t have to mess up with “ ” thing as It does not work. Note: doesn’t work off try on twitter desktop apps like Tweetdeck instead. Here’s how it would look like:

If you don’t have numpad keyboard then this won’t work because you can’t press horizontal keyboard buttons along with ALT. Keeping the post short and easy to understand, I proceed to tell you how to post a blank tweet and its fun!

  1. Open Tweetdeck, Start writing a tweet.
  2. Type ALT+0160.
  3. Now don’t copy the text, you have to type 0160 while holding the ALT key.
  4. Press Tweet.
  5. You actually tweeted a blank tweet 😉 have fun!

Here’s the video tutorial if you didn’t understand something!

Similarly you can post a blank facebook status update if you have added facebook account to tweetdeck or any other app you use.

By Anil

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