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How To Make Instagram Photos Superhit Using Tags

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Are you on Instagram? Do you want to get more likes on your photos? Then you need to read this article. Recently, I have discovered some tags(actually an app) which can get 70+ likes in less than 5 minutes. Although I used to tag photos appropriately before but now, for fun and “likes”, I play with my photos by adding random, inappropriate tags.

Yes, It’s possible for everyone to get 50+ likes in seconds even if you don’t have hundreds and thousand people following you. You will be amazed at first but then you will realize that many of them are instagram bots, not all.

All you need to do is…

Know the popular tags. Do you know the popular tags? I don’t think everyone of us know the popular tags which hundreds of people search every second. So all you need to do is either search on the web or download an app called “Tagsforlikes”. Using this app you can copy the most popular tags which you can copy and paste in your photo comments. Suddenly you will see several people liking your photos.

This app also has some popular categories and sub-categories viz. Nature, Animals, Photography, etc to choose from.

How tags work?

When you comment on a photo adding hashtags (#tag) to it, It gets instantly submitted to that photo tag and as soon as the instagram users see it on their devices they like your photo (if they want, feel, or anything). There are some instagram bots wandering around some popular tags so you may get their likes too. Usually they will like ALL photos falling under specific tag(s).

Instagram limits tags per photo so you can add 30 tags at max. The good thing is that, using the app you can copy all the 30 tags with a click. Your photo will get likes for 5 mins if you use a popular tag as many people will add that tag and your photo will no longer be in limelight after a few minutes. But also you can add tags anytime after. And the time depends on the tag you are using, for the obvious reasons.


As I have shown (did) in the video, you get the idea that I am using multiple category tags and most of them aren’t even appropriate. So you do these steps to get more likes:

  • Open Tagsforlikes app
  • Copy Most popular tags and paste in the photo comment.
  • After a while, copy and paste 2nd and 3rd most popular tags. Don’t forget to delete the earlier tags otherwise instagram won’t add the newer ones.
  • Keep those 30 popular tags for at least 3-5 minutes. (I kept for a shorter duration for demonstation purposes)
  • Optional: When you are done getting likes, delete the tags and add the appropriate ones. Adding appropriate tags is always a good idea to get greater exposure to your images.

By Anil

Anil is a tech blogger at WideFide. To know more about me or if you want to follow my latest updates, Follow me on twitter @TheOnlyAnil or Join me @ Facebook