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Moo Shipped Me Wrong Facebook Cards

I had recently ordered for free facebook cards from on 10 January, 2012 and after more than 25 days they have sent me the deck of 50 cards. I was happy to receive the parcel but when I opened it, It was of someone else. Moo shipped other person’s cards on my address, Err. Isn’t it bad on moo’s part? Have they sent my cards to another people? Most probably Yes!

I don’t know if it happened with some more people or not. But, if this has happened, do they(moo) expect us to order more cards from them? What would have happened if I had paid for the cards. It was a promotional offer from moo to facebook users who have enabled the facebook timeline. If someone purchase the cards from and receive some other cards (which is of someone else) what will happen? It will downgrade the repo of Moo and the person will never ever order anything from moo.

My moo cards were sent to Brazil, I got a message on 1st February from the user who received my moo cards(I couldn’t read the message at that time because it was stored in “others” folder. she has uploaded a superb pic.

The cards which I have received is of Javier, when I tried to open his FB account the page returned with an error saying that the page not found. In the card, his mail ID and phone number is given(as its in every business card). I have no idea whether to whom they have sent my facebook cards. Its a unprofessional remark on Moo’s part. Below is the image of my facebook business card which I was suppose to receive.

Privacy Issues: It would definitely create privacy issues as many of the personal details are written on the cards i.e. Mobile no., Address, Email ID, etc. If the information goes in the wrong hands, then the damage will be unpredictable. Worst thing is that you don’t know where your cards were shipped as it was sent from USPC and not from a courier service.

Although I know a few people who have got their correct facebook cards as ordered, but in my circle I am the only one to receive the wrong cards. Is there anyone who has received the wrong deck of cards? Is it the usual issue with Moo ( or with their other products as well) ? I don’t think moo will take any fruitful action in this regard if I complain about this issue as the cards costed me zero bucks. And to make sure, I don’t even plan to make a purchase from moo as well.

  • Update 1 (9/2/12): Moo contacted me here on this blog post.
  • Update 2 (9/2/12): I mailed about the issue to them.
  • Update 3 (9/2/12): Got few mails from Moo. They said that they are reprinting my cards again and the cards will be dispatched in another 4 days. Nice
  • Update 4 (15/2/12): Till date, my cards were not printed.
  • Update 5 (16/2/12): Sent a reminder mail to moo that my cards haven’t been printed yet.
  • Update 6 (17/2/2012): Got a mail from Moo stating that my cards have been dispatched 🙂
  • Update 7 (11/4/2012): Got my Facebook Cards. Yay!

By Anil

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