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How to Show Author Profile Picture in Google Search Results

After messing up with google authorship markup for a long time, I have enabled it. Its so simple but tutorials around the web are complicated. If you are a wordpress blogger then this article is helpful for you. I have googled many articles on the internet and found a very few articles useful and when […]


How to Get Constant Internet Speed by Command Prompt CMD

If you are having slow net speed or speed is fluctuating, use this tip to get constant net speed by pinging any website through command prompt. Best if you connect your pc with mobile device or any network having slow internet connection. It may probably increase the net speed as well. This tutorial is strictly […]


How To Create Counter Strike 1.6 Server : Tutorial

Do you play CS a lot? want your own server? This tutorial is for you then. In this tutorial I will be telling you to make a dedicated Counter Strike Server in few minutes(actually it depends on your net speed). Its not very complicated to make a counter strike server, but to run it smoothly […]

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How To Enable Facebook Timeline – Complete Tutorial

You may have heard about the new facebook profile timeline after the f8 event and some of your friends may have enabled that too. Still waiting for a complete tutorial? Then you are at right place. You need to make a facebook¬†developer¬†account(you don’t need to make/develop any app actually). Its a very easy process which […]